Education Program

Lynne LaFond DeLuca

Executive Director

Let’s just start off by saying that Lynne eats, breathes, sleeps and LOVES the private club catering world! Joining the hospitality industry in 1987, Lynne worked on the “hotel side” until her first private club position and fell head over heels for the culture, the members and the family atmosphere. She spent the next 15 years with ClubCorp as the Vice President, Private Events. Lynne is a well known industry speaker, consultant and trainer. In 2014, Lynne was honored to be named one of The Most Influential Women in the Private Club Industry by Boardroom Magazine. Life’s passions? “My daughter (sigh..), my family, my Australian Shepherds and little black kitty, and entertaining at home with great friends, food that makes your mouth water and perfectly paired wines!”

Food, Beverage & Event Trends that Wow Your Members & Event Hosts
Trends and inspired food & beverage offerings bring the wow factor and help to create impactful, thoughtful, and truly memorable Member Events. Bring on the fun! 

Building Team Dynamics with all Departments to Impact Member Experience, Events & Retention
In this session, we are all about high performing teams! We will be discussing the “How-To” of creating an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, teamwork and member engagement. We will also explore how to effectively "sales manage" and support your sales teams in Membership and Catering. 

Derek Johnston


Based in the firm’s Toronto office since joining GGA in 2008, Derek has had the privilege of helping hundreds of GGA clients across North America and around the world develop and implement a game plan for success with their golf and club related business assets. Derek is known for his ability to find innovative and strategic solutions to clients’ needs. GGA clients benefit from Derek’s expertise in: strategic planning, corporate governance, project management, market analysis, pricing strategy, marketing tactics, financial analysis, complex modelling, feasibility studies and business valuations, operational and performance analysis, professional information systems, business process engineering, and organizational risk management. 

Chapter Strategic Planning Survey Results
Overview of the outcomes from the Texas Lone Star Chapter's membership survey.

Successful Strategic Planning and the Strategic Intelligence that Informs it

Over the past 10 years more private clubs have realized that they require a strategic plan which will guide the club over the next decade, especially in light of the fact that board members typically change every 3 years.  During this session we will discuss - what should be part of a strategic plan and the key topics which need to be considered.  This session will provide an overview by topic as to what needs to be included and where you obtain the information, a discussion on market analysis, operational considerations and required business plan, master plans including the need for reserve studies, and an overview of best practices regarding gathering of information and communicating the plan to members. 

Strategic Intelligence Trends and Key Findings
GGA’s Strategic Intelligence service helps club leaders take a 360 degree view of forces impacting their on-going success and sustainability in order to support effective decision making and inform strategy.  Each year, GGA reviews the collective data and best practices generated through the program to identify meaningful trends that ultimately help provide context and ideation amongst club leaders.  This session will discuss these key findings and trends, covering most aspects of club strategy and operations, including membership, market, operations, finances and capital. 

The Future of Analytics in Clubs
In today’s world of big data and analytics, it is increasingly difficult to discern helpful statistics from the growing clutter of available information.  When used effectively, analytics has the power to support and inform fact based decision making and ultimately enable you to position your club for significant competitive advantage and enduring success.  This session will discuss new tools that are available to source, track and measure what matters most to private clubs and how best to use this information to effectively support planning, guide decision making and measure success.