South Region/TARO Meeting
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South Region/TARO
Allied Association Meeting

Sugar Creek Country Club
Wednesday, August 28th
The Texas Alliance of Recreational Organizations (TARO) sponsors this allied association event, which targets Club Managers, Superintendents, Golf Pros and Club Board Members.  Join us for this enlightening conversation about Water and Drought Issues in Texas.

Featured Speakers:

Bud White, USGA - Golf Courses Today, What Does the Future Hold?

The heat and drought over the last three years has brought some significant and difficult changes to turf management for golf courses and landscapes as well as changes for golfers and their interaction with courses. Expectations, by and large, have not changed but improved golfer education is critical so expectations align with aesthetics and conditions as they exist today. Water is at the top of this changing list as golf courses in many areas have significantly less irrigation water and consequently different appearances than past years. Considering our environment restrictions and striving for sustainability, what should golfers expect from the golf course and playing conditions?

Gib Lewis, TARO - Recap of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session

Lewis entered politics in 1969 when he won election to the River Oaks City Council. Fort Worth-area voters elected him to the Texas House of Representatives in 1971.  Elected speaker for the first time in 1983, Lewis became the first to hold that office for five terms. He played a key role in securing passage of the state's 1984 education reform bill.  He also steered passage of the 1985 comprehensive Texas Water Plan. An avid hunter who is also interested in wildlife conservation, Lewis wrote legislation creating "Operation Game Thief" and was co-author of the Uniform Game Management Act of 1983.  Lewis currently works as a lobbyist and legislative consultant for TARO.

Important Meeting Information:

•  In lieu of a registration fee, attendees are asked to make a personal donation to TARO PAC
•  By law, TARO PAC can only accept personal checks from individuals.  No club checks can be accepted.
•  A limited number of tee times are available following lunch.
•  Managers, Superintendents, Pros and Board Members are highly encouraged to attend

Meeting Agenda
10:00 am  Arrivals
10:30-11:30 am Education - Bud White
11:30-12:00 pm Education - Gib Lewis
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Golf Outing

Meeting Registration
Registration: $25 Contribution to TARO PAC
TARO PAC Contribution Form
Online Registration
Texas Lone Star Chapter  I  1415 South Voss, Ste. 110 #397, Houston, TX 77057  I  214-871-9800  I
South Region/TARO Meeting
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 10:00 AM
Sugar Creek Country Club