Winter State Meeting
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Texas Lone Star Chapter
2018 Winter Meeting
January 20th - 22nd

Join us in Houston for the annual Yellow Rose Ball and Winter State Meeting!  Royal Oaks Country Club will host our education programs on Sunday and Monday and The Briar Club will host the 7th annual Yellow Rose Ball!  Full registration includes attendance to both events!

Sharon Birkman and Diana Sheley will facilitate a Birkman Occupational Assessment demonstration to identify the styles of the personality grid: Usual Style, Needs and Stress Behavior.  We will also review your interests, which are your motivators.  The Birkman method allows you to better understand yourself and those around you, which leads to becoming a more effective leader for your team and organization. 

Meeting Agenda




  • In order to participate in the Birkman evaluation, attendees must register by Saturday, January 6th
  • Participating in the evaluation is encouraged but not mandatory in order to attend the meeting
  • Instructions to complete the evaluation will be provided upon registering
  • The evaluation process takes roughly 30-45 minutes

  David Hamilton
VP of National Accounts
International Club Suppliers

Generational Purchasing Habits
Today, a significant delineation has occurred between the generations.  Each subset within the generational makeup of the consumer market  has specific needs, wants and desires, which presents a challenge  when trying to capture all segments simultaneously. Baby Boomers,  Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z each have their personal  preferences when making purchases, some of which are shared, while  others are in direct opposition. Each group views value differently;  while some are fiercely brand-loyal, others solely hunt for the best deal,  no matter the brand. Conversely, for certain generations, a rewarding  experience heavily outweighs the burden of price. No matter what  overlays or opposing desires exist among the generations, one thing is  certain; operators are better able to capture increased market share by  gaining insight into what makes each individual generational group tick. 

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  Mark Schlake
VP of Product Strategies
Northstar Technologies

The "M" Point
How does a club embed technology into their club's culture without destroying the traditions that their members embrace. Put another way, how can my club be both Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch. Clubs increasingly need a mobile strategy beyond just a website and member App for communications. They need a strategy that allows the Club Staff to leverage mobile as well. This presentation will explore the many new options that can empower the staff in all areas of operations to provide better and faster service to members... This Seminar will be an interactive event that each participant will engage from their seats in the meeting room. They will understand how technology is just as important in the Boardroom as it is in the Dining Room. How the Membership Director, the Receptionist or the Fitness Director are all on the front line for providing a memorable member experience and how technology fits into that paradigm.
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Winter State Meeting
1/20/2018 12:00 AM, 1/21/2018 12:00 AM, 1/22/2018 12:00 AM
Houston, TX